One work on mobile proxy networks got accepted to NDSS 2021.

congrats to my co-authors, and it is a good holiday gift 🙃.

I will join SUNY Buffalo as a tenure-track assistant professor.

Several PhD positions are available, and the enrollment can be flexible as we all know it is *2020* 😂.

Our work on Voice Assistant platforms has won CSAW'19 Best Paper Award (3rd Place, 3 out of 80)

Congrats ㊗️ to my coauthors! This is my first-ever poster presentation, very glad to get recognized by judges! Refer to [the conference website for the finalists and winners]( Learn more details from [my poster](/files/voice_assistant_poster.pdf), [blog article](, [talk video](, and also [the paper](files/voice_assistant.pdf).

Our security paper on Voice Assistant platforms has entered the finalist of CSAW'19 Applied Research Competition

More than happy to learn that [our paper on the security of voice assitant platform](publication/voice_assistant_sp/) got accepted as the finalist of CSAW'19 Applied Research Competition. And I will present the paper in NYU, see you at New York around Nov 8th 2019!

I joined Facebook as Research Scientist

Happy to start a new journey at Facebook, and continue to work on security projects.

I presented two papers on Oakland'19

One is [residential web proxies](publication/resi_sp/), the other is [voice assistant platform](publication/voice_assistant_sp/).

Our paper on malicious domain takedowns won NDSS Distinguished Paper Award

Congrats to my co-authors! See [here](publication/ndss19_domain_takedown/) for paper details.