Your Phone is My Proxy: Detecting and Understanding Mobile Proxy Networks

detect and understand how mobile devices are recruited to serve as web proxies

Understanding iOS-based Crowdturfing Through Hidden UI Analysis

Detect and measure hidden crowdturfing UIs in IOS apps.

Resident Evil: Understanding Residential IP Proxy as a Dark Service

How can millions of residential IPs serve as traffic exits in commercial web proxy networks?

Dangerous skills: Understanding and mitigating security risks of voice-controlled third-party functions on virtual personal assistant systems

3rd-party skills on voice assistant platforms incur new seurity threats to users.

Cracking the Wall of Confinement: Understanding and Analyzing Malicious Domain Take-downs

Take-down operations aim to disrupt cybercrime involving malicious domains. In the past decade, many successful take-down operations have been reported, including those against the Conficker worm, and most recently, against VPNFilter. Although it …

Game of Missuggestions: Semantic Analysis of Search-Autocomplete Manipulations

Understanding and detecting manipulation of search engine autocomplete.

An Empirical Characterization of IFTTT: Ecosystem, Usage, and Performance

A comprehensive measurement of IFTTT, an IoT workflow platform, to reveal its network and security implications.

Picking Up My Tab: Understanding and Mitigating Synchronized Token Lifting and Spending in Mobile Payment

Understand and mitigate synchronized token lifting and spending in mobile payment.

Under the shadow of sunshine: Understanding and detecting bulletproof hosting on legitimate service pr ovider networks

How can millions of residential IPs serve as traffic exits in commercial web proxy networks?

Understanding iot security through the data crystal ball: Where we are now and where we are going to be

Inspired by the boom of the consumer IoT market, many device manufacturers, new start-up companies and technology behemoths have jumped into the space. Indeed, in a span of less than 5 years, we have experienced the manifestation of an array of …