The Frontier of Cybersecurity Research, Fall 2022, USTC

Teaching Team


  • Xianghang (Scott) Mi, Professor

    Email: xmi [at]

Time and Location:

  • Lectures: Th 9:45AM - 12:10PM
    • 09:45~10:30
    • 10:35~11:20
    • 11:25~12:10
  • Q&A: In-class discussion and 1:1 meetings on request
  • Location: USTC

Course Description

The course is graduate-level seminar course dedicated to discussing cutting-edge cybersecurity studies as conducted in recent years. Most works are published in top security venues including ACM CCS, IEEE S&P, Usenix Security, and NDSS. Also, these studies span a broad areas including web/network security, system/hardware security, ML security, and privacy, as well as presenting security techniques of exciting categories, e.g., trusted execution environment, formal analysis, side channel attacks, fuzing, and static/dynamic analysis.

Grading Policies

(Tentative and subject to change)

  • Individual review and presentation of one paper: 30%
    • A critical review
    • A presentation of 30~40 minutes with the Q&A session
  • A research project: 60%
    • A team project with each group consisting of 3~5 members
  • Class participation: 10%
    • Join in-class discussions
    • Ask and anwser questions